Slow Reader EP

by Slow Reader

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Slow Reader is:
Nate Cabigting - Guitar, Vocals
Sean West - Drums, Percussion
Stefan Meadows - Bass, Vocals
Tommy Hall - Vocals, Guitar


released August 17, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom, Philadelphia
Assisted by Jackie Milestone and Pat Quigley

Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering

Cover photo and layout by Tommy Hall



all rights reserved


Slow Reader Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly's #1 Foghat tribute band!!


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Track Name: Slow Fade
I've played all the songs I know now
So I need to make up more
And talk like when we're wine-drunk
Sprawled out across your floor
Heads back, staring at the stucco
Like we're looking at stars
Then we can roll our sleeves up
To split these hairs apart

Did you have to go so soon?
Don't leave me here in my room

A slow fade to a new day is still the same

Sometimes it'd be nice for a day to just take it easy on me
Can you see the good in people?
'Cause I don't think that's my thing
Track Name: 160
Day drunk in New York City
In a gallery of stolen art
I find myself on the corner talking trials of the heart
Spill my guts into the gutter
Stumble back down the road
Finding comfort in foreign places
And never wanting to let go

I don't want anyone else to know
I don't want anyone else

Never one to lay it all bare
I'd much rather keep it closed
Until you realize you're just spinning wheels here
A fraud afraid of being exposed
When all you think about is loneliness
And sex and student loans
You're bound to spend another year trapped
In the warmth of a burning home

You'll move across the country
I'll move across the world
Track Name: Our Last Night Together
Our last night together
We didn't know it'd be the last one
We woke up at daybreak
With more than a sinking feeling
Now I relive every second
Of that doorway moment
To try to find the words
That I couldn't seem to find then

I never put your name back into my phone
So the last few days I've been talking to a number
You were made for me but I wasn't for you
Isn't that the greatest joke that you've ever heard?

Our last night together
We fought worrying about the future
We didn't stop to look back
On the things we'd be leaving behind us
Wine-drunk therapy sessions
Lightin' up to dance in the kitchen
Through citywides and disco lights
We stopped the world and melted
Track Name: I Throw My Toys Around
Been waking up stranger and stranger every day
Before the light breaks in through the dark
I sit and stew and stress about all I'm not doing
I'm slowly pulling myself apart
The tiles in the shower are lined with mold and mildew
And I think that I'm allergic to home
We beat ourselves up and we beat ourselves down
Then we wonder why we never feel grown

It scares me more and more how my days start
Versus how the always end up
I'm breathing in and out and still counting every second
But never stop feeling fucked

I don't wanna think of how we grow apart in our own ways

Every night I am panicked again